Founder’s Inspiration

Our founder embraced by sharing information technology experience to the community and to be part in offering consultancy services. Founder was intimidated by few projects to have been involved while he was in the Middle East.
One of the project which he was inspired most when he introduced to ExxonMobil in Saudi Arabia and Total Petrochemical of Qatar. Both companies were massive exporters of Petrochemical products business in the Middle East region. Both had their own system generated files that we with the help of technology and thinking minds a solution was invented that was able to communicate with another existing in submission of shipping bookings INTTRA existing system. The results was tremendous for both parties and was acknowledged joint business electronic transformation. It was an awarded task acknowledged by then employer INTTRA Incorporated a New Jersey, USA.
Upon completion of his contract in the Middle East he returned home with intention to share his experience in his home country. Kenya stands to take up a chances to be pioneer in advancing technologies with advancement it made in mobile money transfer and laying of fiber optic cable which contributed to grown internet usage in the country. Notwithstanding geographically, Kenya is placed to be the hub of East and Central Africa logistically.

Wi-Tech was established in Kenya. The entity was registered 2013 but nothing immediately happen after registration. He was then received employment offer with Messina Line agent. New employer had a classic style of service Roll On Roll Off (RO RO) vessel of the time. New business experience for him in shipping industry and then decision to acquire additional. While in the shipping field again he came across bunch of problems facing operations team working in port fields. He presented his ideas on how some issues could be tackled using technology but no one was keen to accept. Some years later he approached Mercantile Cargo Terminal Operation popularly known as MCTO and shared his ideas. MCTO is a local stevedoring company that has expertise of more than thirty years in at Mombasa port but never had a chance to embrace technology in their business operations.
Wi-Tech with it coming into service, initiated to study the business model conducted, and provided an architect work plan, the first project was initiated and early 2018 was enhanced to a perfect ERP solution of the time time.

Being a Founder, initiator to the very first project in his own country, his inspiration still continues to offer more to the region Maritime Logistics sector. He appreciated the supports he receive from his partner engineers. He acknowledged the support he receives from users during the time when was pioneer in launching e-Commerce in East Africa region for the shipping industry. He became confident to his works and knowledge acquired in Shipping, Logistics and Transport industry. Motivated and trusted personnel keen to extend to offer world best for Africa region.